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WebApp Version 11.7.5 Changelog


Login Using TOTP

We always care about the security of your account, so after we provide login with google now we improve again by adding new security using TOTP. By using authenticator of your choice you can log in to your account with more security.

Add function to suspend payment method from Payment Method List

It's a hassle to suspend payment method 1 by 1, so right now we provide you a new function to suspend multiple payment method at once when the payment method is not used or you don't support that payment method anymore.

Create step 2 Qris Payment if Customer is using Testing Account

Many of our customer is complaining because it is unclear the QRIS code in our system when used the money is not transfered to their account, that's because the QRIS Code is for testing purpose only so we give you a clearer warning when you are still using the testing QRIS account.

Minor Improvements:

  • Split Payment Tab will always show

  • New Brand Report Chart View by Pie Chart

  • Add New Config to set Signature in AR/AP Collection Printing

  • Restyling UI - I want to Subscribe

  • Remove limit for promotion price

  • Add email validation in not required email address

  • Apply Category Tree Restriction Based on Roles

  • Optimize Inventory - Highest Quantity Page

  • Orders - Reprint Packing Slip - Add More Information for Sender

  • Add “Confirm Delete” Form After Click Delete Pricebook

  • Brand Report - Add hyperlink in Sold data to direct to Report - Product Sold

  • Disable Cash Input when payment method Cash is suspended

  • Report - Top Customer - Add Join date attribute

  • Add new Column for Sales Group in Export Report Detail with Complete Detail

  • Outbound Logistic show where Transaction Outlet happened + Show in Export

  • Estimate - Add Role “Unit Price Editor”

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Search Report - Product Sold when filtered by Variant search product 2nd name not working

  • Fix When Void Invoices roles are activated, the checkbox on the supplier bill is still missing

  • Fix Email Validation not working if start with Capital (MyProfile, I want to Subscribe, User)

  • Fix My Subscription - Amount Calculation wrong result (setup fee + additional register)

  • Fix Qty filter error and give validation filter QtyFrom can not be more than QtyTo

  • Fix Recipient in Invoice info if saved when blank still show the card and error

  • Fix Edit group form showing incorrect page title

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