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WebApp Version 11.7.6 Changelog


Create New Page for Add Bulk Payment

When you want to add payment for multiple invoice with different customer, it is a hassle to open the Invoice 1 by 1 and then add it manually. So, now we provide you with new feature to add payment to multiple invoice with different customer's name in 1 page, so you can avoid wasting a lot of time when you want to add the payment for the unpaid invoices

Restyling TOTP Page

For easier use, we provide you with New display to setup your OTP with clearer step to use it so you can secure your account with ease.

Show which payment is used to pay via QRIS

To improve our QRIS payment experience, right now you can check which payment is used to pay when the transaction is paid using QRIS method

Minor Improvements:

  • Show Icon when Role Customer Input Lock is active

  • Show Start & End Date for Active Promotion in Variant Info

  • Add Filter Action in Menu Loyalty Point History

  • Default User List Show Unsuspended User Only

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Discontinued Product still showing in Inventory Valuation

  • Fix export when the length value exceeds 10 digits that will be auto-modified by csv

  • Fix Generate Journal Supplier Bill duplicate supplier delivery journal (Fulfilment Later)

  • Fix Loyalty Point history show doubled log when invoice is deleted

  • fix: remove horizontal scrollbar in login page and every menu

  • Fix [Adjustment - Print Detail] Print Preview Show Disordered Outlet Logo

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