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WebApp Version 11.7.7 Changelog


New Option for Inventory Always Rendered Config

Because we find that it's confusing to show the inventory according to specified config, right now we offer more option so you can choose how you want your inventory to show in Product Page.

  1. Never : Not showing any inventory at all

  2. Query : Inventory is showing when you search the product

  3. Always : Inventory is always showing

Move Disable 2FA TOTP button to TOTP Tab

We feel like the disable TOTP button is out of place, so we decide to move the TOTP tab where you register for TOTP in the first place so it is not confusing for people who wants to disable the 2FA TOTP login.

Minor Improvements:

  • Upload logo size is according to logo size config

  • Optimize Report - Outlet Performance Detail Page

  • Restyling Add Bulk Payment Page

  • Optimize Report - Monthly Sales

  • Optimize Report - Daily Sales Export

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Inventory Valuation not showing Next & Show All Button

  • Fix Inventory Valuation - Inventory total is not correct when filter qty is blank

  • Fix set due days config in Buy if supplier is not chosen

  • Fix Estimate wrong tax calculation when the qty is change

  • Fix Choose My Plan Register is not according to month selected

  • Fix Report Summary when filtered by Outlet is caching when open from Report - Outlet hyperlink

  • Fix Reports Purchase Top Supplier exported CSV result didn’t filtered by Outlet Filter

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