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WebApp Version 11.7.9 Changelog


New Report for Sales compare by outlet

This new report is used if you want to know how much growth did you company achieve based on the duration you want to view. We provide with date range selector in both date range you want to view and date range you want to compare it to

New Variant Info - Forecast Tab

To keep track of how many days will your inventory last until you run out of stock, we provide new info in Variant by calculating based on qty sales for the time that you sold the product (this can be filtered as you wanted). You can decide when or how many do you want to order the inventory for the product.

Minor Improvements:

  • AR Collection Add option to Split Payment

  • Add filter for Log Type in Variant Log

  • Add Column Brand + Category in Export Inventory Timeline Breakdown

  • Sell - New Row when importing same products by csv

  • Add Search in Users - Group

  • Fulfillment - Add Print Icon Logistic at Ship status

  • [Report - Export Complete Detail] Return Invoice Column in the CSV

  • Optimize Report Detail Page

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Inventory Valuation if filtered by 0 still showing all the data

  • Fix Config Loyalty if disabled still checking to External Loyalty App

  • Fix Convert Invoice & Sales Order Button in Estimate is not working

  • Fix Monthly Chart is not showing the value when the bar is in line

  • Fix Outlet Inventory Data not showing in Inventory by Outlet Group

  • Fix Update Variant Code via csv can be duplicated when ID Column is available

  • Fix Export Top Supplier is not filtered by Outlet

  • Fix wrong due date in buy edit

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