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WebApp Version 11.8.2 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • Reports sales by product Add filter by customer group

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix role contact create in Buy Form is not working

  • Fix Outlet Performance Detail not whowing correct Gross Value

  • Fix Invoice & Supplier Bill cannot be deleted & voided

  • Fix Opening Adjusment, Logistic and Estimate form show unauthorize

  • Fix Sell + Buy Form show unauthorize when selecting customer + Product

  • Fix Report Detail Margin Padding

  • Fix AR Collection when change from Payment Now to Later the payment is in Paid status

  • Fix Inventory - Outlet Filter Display Mode Didn’t Work

  • Fix Log in Invoice + Supplier Bill Info not showing

  • Fix role Reprint Restriction not working properly

  • Fix Filter Debt Account Receiveable by Date not working

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