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WebApp Version 11.8.3 Changelog


Create New Config to disable 2FA Authentication

If you lost your phone or accidentally uninstall your Authenticator App, have no worries because right now we provide you with config to disable 2FA for each user when that things happen, so you can disable the 2FA and the create a new one.

Minor Improvements:

  • Inventory Product by Outlet Show Total Quantity of All Product & All Outlet

  • Reports - Product Life Cycle Add Sort Button

  • Adjust Created Payment Info just like Invoice Payment Info

  • Give Toaster in Adjustment, Estimate and Transfer Order when Number is blank

  • Add New Column in User to show info for 2FA Enabled/Disable + Remove Phone Column

  • Remove decimal in Variant info Forecast Tab - Days to Zero Column

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Payment AR Collection Creator must not change when AR Collection is edited

  • Fix Estimate cannot be exported

  • Fix Daily Report - Show Incorrect Gross Value

  • Fix Reports Summary from customer sales history showing incorrect order by date

  • Fix Adjustment with Web Spreadsheet always autofill the modified user

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