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WebApp Version 11.8.4 Changelog


New page in Inventory to show data for Forecast Days to Zero

After showing this information in Variant Info, we create new page in Inventory for Forecast to solve the hassle to open the Variant info one by one to check it, so you can just open the page to see the forecast of all the product that you have

Minor Improvements:

  • Apply Profit Role in Report - Compare

  • Change Sort Arrow Position to match data position

  • Add multiple outlet filter, Average Revenue Info, Total Transaction & Average Revenue + Profit and Freeze Header in Report Compare with Outlet

  • Preventing Transaction Amount Changed to Minus when Type Anything

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Export Monthly Report by filter outlet

  • Fix Promotion Amount + Qty if has extra cost causing PriceMinimum Role not working properly

  • Fix Skipped Transaction Number in Sell & Buy

  • Fix Config Separate Return Item when enabled showing 1 blank column in Printing Invoice Return

  • Fix Varint info not showing price and cost and sales history and purchase history

  • Fix Products inventory is not shown in the product menu even the Inventory render config is set up to Always

  • Fix Cannot edit payment date even the user is having Payment Date Editor roles

  • Fix bug profit does not show in Invoice Info

  • Fix Inventory - Highest Quantity filter Outlet not working

  • Fix Sell - Tax button is affected by Shipping Restriction Role

  • Fix Previous Shift Detail Payment receive not same with Register Shift Edit Form

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