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WebApp Version 11.8.6 Changelog


Support Export and Import using Excel (xlsx file)

To make things easier when you want to exporting or importing the product, we provide you with new export and import in xlsx (excel file) so you don't need to change it to csv file anymore.

Minor Improvements:

  • Disable button OK when create contact in Sell when Mandatory Info config is enabled

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix condition role restore and erase order

  • Fix Peak Hour showing all the transaction time even when there is no transaction at the time

  • Fix Print Report - Product Sold 1st row is close by the header

  • Fix Reset number from Outlet Form

  • Fix Full Access Coupon is caching when click New Sales after transaction

  • Fix Jump Invoice Number

  • Fix Available Inventory show blank column

  • Fix Inventory is not shown correctly when filtered by outlet group

  • Fix Sales Person Invoice Hyperlink cannot be opened

  • Fix Inventory Timeline Breakdown didn’t show the 0 qty product when filter All is on

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