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WebApp Version 11.8.8 Changelog


Add New Restriction for Customer in Promotion Coupon

We provide new restriction for Customer in Promotion Coupon, when you want to specify the coupon is only valid for specific customer, for example when you want to give special coupon for birthday member, etc.

System Improvements:

  • Assign role profit to get Profit export compare by outlet

  • Outlet Monthly Compare - Add Category Filter

  • Add New Column for Mobile in Current Point

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Storage Location is not according to assigned Outlet in Sell

  • Fix Purchase Return record wrong Invoice Date

  • Fix Orders When Editing Supplier Bill and Removing the supplier name, the supplier name still saved

  • Fix Import Payment show error Object Reference

  • Fix Inventory Valuation when export filtered by Outlet the data is showing all outlet instead of filtered outlet

  • Fix Config Authorize Parked Orders Deletion & Authorize Parked Orders Item Deletion when enabled user can edit parked quantity

  • Fix Customer - Info => Email + Mobile Phone Positioning & Photo Field Bug

  • Fix Redeem Point - Point not deducted when restricted by Outlet

  • Fix Tab Names missing in Discount Dialog

  • Promotion Coupon Filter show different Result

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