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WebApp Version 11.8.9 Changelog


Product by Outlet - Add filter for date to view inventory timeline

When your account has a lot of Outlets and you want to know how much is the inventory that you have in specific time, we help you with this filter so you can check it directly from your account without any hassle.

Minor Improvement:

  • Adjust layout Inventory To Zero according to Inventory Valuation

  • Create New function for Factory Reset Configurations (To reset all config to default)

  • Add attribute ‘Total’ Product in Logistc - Transfer Order Printing

  • Add Button Next + Last for Inventory To Zero Page

  • Add New Info for Transfer Order History in Variant Info

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Export Inventory Valuation when filtered by Outlet, Account name is shown instead of the Outlet Name

  • Fix Voided invoice doesn’t display invoice notes

  • Fix Pricebook for the specified customer will still be applied when opening another menu in Sell

  • Fix Wrong assign variant when Editing Multiple UOM Product (Variant UOM changed)

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