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WebApp Version 11.9.4 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • Change from danger to warning in Promotion Form - Outlet Form

  • Product variant can have the option to be need authorization or no need authorization for edit unit-price when selling

  • Change JSON Array Text for Promotion Tiered to Table Input

  • Add New Column for Customer Code in Export - Points Earned

  • Add Payment Complete Page after adding bulk payment

  • Remove Subscription 1 month in Choose your Plan

  • Rename Sales Type to TAG in Sell

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix “Cost” role doesn’t work in Adjustment

  • Fix Manufacture When stock didn’t enough, error message did not appear

  • Fix Sell Numbering is not showing in correct format

  • Fix TOTAL INVENTORY VALUE WHEN SOLD not showing in View Total

  • Fix Export with Outlet in Inventory Valuation is not showing filtered Outlet

  • Fix Intercom Widget still showing in login page when opened in Dashboard

  • Fix Created Invoice Info not showing correct User Creator

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