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WebApp Version 11.9.6 Changelog


Minor Update:

  • New schema discount amount
    Previously, the amount per product discount would not be calculated with the product qty, now the product pr discount will be calculated with the qty, this aims to adjust the shopee discount.

  • Roles-apply roles no longer need to log out Login again
    Previously, if we made changes to user access rights, then we needed to log out and then log in again so that the effect could be, now it's enough that after submitting it can work immediately.

  • Roles-more permission in sell split to 2 tables
    for sell roles in more permissions, we change them to 2 tables sideways to make it easier for you to see the roles.

  • Payment-New column at write-off list
    now in the write-off list, we add column percentage, reason, & created.

BUG Fixes:

  • Fix-Cannot select price book after making a sales transaction

  • Fix-Wrong implement barcode printing roles

  • Fix-Can't convert sales order to invoice

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