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WebApp Version 11.9.7 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • The default filter Purchase Report is today

  • Handle coupon code cannot have spaces (first & last)
    In the past, when you input the coupon code and there is a space at the beginning or end of the code, you can save it and cause the coupon code to be the same, now when you save the space will immediately disappear, so the coupon code will not be the same.

  • Export inventory products by outlet using pagination

BUG Fixes:

  • Error when adding & edit the previous shift

  • Cannot Add Purchase Order Type

  • Wrong Value revenue & profit percentage at sales report compare by outlet

  • Fix Convert Estimate to Invoice Failed

  • Fix Supplier Bill Count show API Error 500

  • Fix can't export outlet

  • Product Sold Inventory still showing Discontinued Variant Inventory

  • Export Products by CSV wrong variant name

  • Fix can't send an invoice by email after selling

  • Fix exclude non-inventory not working at Product Sold Inventory

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