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WebApp Version 11.9.8 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Add option to select serial when sending Serialized Product from Outbound Logistic

  • New Integration Payment Method using EDC/ECR

  • Product by outlet show UOM when export

  • New Filter at Inventory -> Product by Outlet

  • Quick add city when create new customer

  • Import Customer Country

  • New UI Supplier Bill Info when partial delivery

  • Export customer add column country

  • Purchase report detail show Requested QTY

  • Edit invoice with redeem point - disable edit loyalty in discount button

  • Implement sort in Inventory, Days Sales and Days To zero Column

  • Handling Filter by empty, Inbound logistics and incoming transfer

  • Shift-Record Limiting

  • Payment Write off - Add Filter Reason

BUG Fixes:

  • Multi Input Customer Will Multiply Discount from Customer Group

  • When export product UOM not exported

  • Cannot Edit Qty

  • Inventory to Zero - Last in stock - Change null to 0

  • Inventory To zero - Export with Last in Stock - Not following filter

  • Supplier Bill - COA tax must in credit if purchase return

  • Wrong implement discount amount when do return

  • Wrong tax calculated when export

  • Wrong calculation on debt limit

  • Sales Order Type Sorting button function is not working properly

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