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WebApp Version 11.9.9 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Payment Write-Off - Add total invoice

  • [Adjustment] Can sort by name at stock by webspreadsheet

  • [Registers] Handle end shift without record

  • Promotion Tier - Discount should only input max 100

  • [Sell - Discount] Implement discount RP per quantity helper

  • Report Tag - Add filter by Outlet

  • Show Promotion Coupon Description on the web page in the Promotion Coupon tab

  • CORS Configuration UI

  • [Estimate] Disable drag & drop on the cart

BUG Fixes:

  • Loyalty Point - Edit invoice - Expiry date blank

  • API - Sales invoice will be partial if sell with a discount amount per item when synced to Jurnal Id

  • Report Outlet View Detail Filter by Category - not calculate the discount amount per product

  • [Transfer order] Double received

  • [Sell] Wrong implement scan code

  • Add New Product & Import Product - Wrong product name in the list of product

  • SELL - Promotion Cheapest Item - Wrong discount

  • Double Outbound Logistics in Invoice return

  • [User] Unsuspend user check box showing the wrong description

  • [Shift] error API 500

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