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WebApp Version 12.0.4 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Handling Edit transaction with Payment status Paid, and config using payment later, after edit and click pay, the payment dialog will show Now by default

  • Sell - New Discount Simulation UI

  • [Tax Report] Apply filter by date & time

  • [Orders] On The Import Supplier Bill Added Due Column In The Import Column

BUG Fixes:

  • [Sell] Error when choose outlet if outlet have promotion

  • [Summary Delivery] Show wrong history received

  • Loyalty Point 0 not showing in contact info

  • [Orders - Invoice Update History] Exported File Didn’t Show All Data

  • [Inventory] Export inventory still shows discontinued products

  • [Debt - AR] Filter Sales Tag Didn’t Work

  • [Report] Different amount of net sales between UI and Export

  • [Logistics] Inbound Logistics report doesn’t display Purchase transactions with fulfillment later

  • [Reports] Different Net sales between Detail Report & Monthly Report

  • Loyalty Point History - Sort not working in Point Unused column

  • [Products] When doing export data on the product menu UOM data does not contain on CSV file

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