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WebApp Version 12.0.8 Changelog


System Improvements:

BUG Fixes:

  • [Variant Info] suspended outlet still show the transaction record
    if the outlet is suspended, the transaction history will not appear in the variant info.

  • [Logistics - Transfer Order] Transaction numbers can be duplicated

  • [Transfer order] can send when qty is null

  • [Inventory-Product by outlet] total qty not align

  • [My Subscription] Wrong toaster header when success

  • [Logistics] Transfer order info exported file shows different cost

  • Product Upload Image - Upload more - Cannot upload more images if the image has already been uploaded before
    How to replicate: First upload 3 product images, Then click upload the image again, supposedly, as long as there are not 5 images then it can still be uploaded

  • Import product with multiple images - toaster appeared more than once

  • [Report Detail] the next button still appears even though all the data has been displayed

  • [Recycle Bin] button Pay and Add don't appear when the invoice voided

  • [Orders] Bulk Pint not working

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