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WebApp Version 12.0.9 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • New tab for sales return

  • New information at sales invoice info and sales return info
    When you make a sales return, there will be a return at and return from the statement later in the detailed invoice information.
    Return At for return invoice number reference

    Return From for customer invoice number reference

  • [Orders-Import payment] Handling import Notes using csv

  • Transfer Order - Remove Print with serial
    We remove this option because the print preview is not different from the normal print

  • [Products] Discontinue multiple products at once

  • [Prepaid Package - Waiting Customer] Filter Per-Outlet & Per-Type

  • Sync add payment invoice to from bulk payment

  • [Promotion] handle import promotion coupons using outlet restriction

  • New Configuration for Promotion coupons
    Now the user can determine the number of digits of the coupon through configuration so that it is enough to apply once for setup every time you create a coupon

BUG Fixes:

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