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WebApp Version 12.1.8 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Show info for Max Inventory in Dashboard - Inventory Info

    We change this info to make you easier to check all the inventory products that you need to reorder or restock to max so you don't need to open inventory page to see it.

  • Promotion Coupon now support editing the Restriction

    Before we restrict you to edit this restriction for your coupon, so you need to create a new coupon when you want to add the restriction. Right now we will make things easier for you by enabling to edit the restriction for the coupon.

  • Automatic Transaction Number generator is split from Global to several Module

    We split the config to automatically generate the number in each page, so you can choose the page that you want to input the number manually or automatically generated by system

  • Create Chart for Yearly Report

    For the customer who wants to check total sales for each year and compare it, we create new report for Yearly so you don't have to calculate it manually per month.

  • Add new value/column 'Fulfillment' in export with complete detail

  • Inventory Timeline now showing both Product Discountinue and Not Discountinue

  • Add Payment state as a filter in Report Detail

  • Outlet Group - Make UI Consistent with Product Category Tree

  • Apply filter Outlet Group in Report - Outlet Performance

  • Move Invoice Number in Sell from header to Note - Other Tab

  • Add Supplier Column in Inventory - Low on Stock

  • Add CREATOR/ user whose “Pick, Pack, & Ship” Column when Export

  • Monthly Sales Optimization and Improvements

  • Add Record duration time for each Step (Pick, Pack, and Ship)

Bug Fixes:

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