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WebApp Version 12.11.0 Changelog


New Display for Dashboard & Performance Improvement

In this version we introduce new display for our dashboard, we realize that our dashboard display is a little bit outdated so we update our graphic and data showing UI so it will looks more modern and also we optimize the loading speed of the data so the dashboard loading page will significantly faster than before.

Minor Improvements:

  • [Buy - Subtotal] Count Item & Sum Item Quantity on total

  • Change Identification and NPWP in Contact to National ID & Tax ID

  • [Debt - AR Detail] Get Pay later Default Due Days from Config When Make Invoice with Partial Payment from Sell

  • [Report - Detail] Add column “Customer Group” in Export with Complete Detail

  • [Report - Outlet] by Default show outlet based on Highest Sales

Bug Fixes:

  • [Setup - Format Data] Fix Error When Clearing Image

  • Fix [Buy V2] Return Supplier Bill with Serialized Product Qty is not minus

  • Fix [Buy V2 - Return] Note return not showing in supplier bill

  • Fix [Buy V2 - Return] Return supplier bill date follows the date it was created

  • Fix [Adjustment - Stock Take by CSV] Export result error if have special characters in the product name

  • Fix [Logistics] Transfer Order Report Export By xlsx Showing Not Appropriate Data

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