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WebApp Version 12.12.0 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • [Report - Outlet] Add a New Filter "Filter By Outlet Group"

  • [Contacts - Upload Image] Improvement Upload Image Info UX

  • [Sell - V3] Add Error message when there is not Sales Order Tag available

  • [Setup - Park and Retrieve] Add new roles for Park button in Sell

  • [Users - Users Form] Redesign Outlet Selection When Adding / Editing User

  • [Sell V3] Implement Alert Warning for Subscription Overdue

  • [Sell - Quick Add Customer] Add ID Tab for Nationality ID & Tax ID

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Buy V2] No access role Cost but Amount still visible

  • Fix [Shift - Printing] Shift print is still included voided invoice that is created by other user

  • Fix calculation COGS when Update Purchase Order and insert new item with discount

  • Fix [Orders - Supplier Bill] Note not show when export to csv

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