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WebApp Version 12.2.1 Changelog


New Restriction for Geo Location

Right now, we develop new feature for restriction based on your outlet/store geo location coordinate. So you can set for the user where they can login based on the location of their device and store coordinate (You need to allow location for your DealPOS account).

Variant Serial can be used for multiple quantity

Now we can support 1 serial number use for multiple quantity, so you can use this as a batch number to your product. you can still use it for electronic/gadget serial, you can choose which one you want to use.

Minor Improvements:

  • Optimization for Transaction Number

  • Show Modified in Transaction Number

  • Showing Created Second and Milisecond in Variant Log

  • Add Payment and Fulfillment Column in Export Report Detail with Complete Detail Result

  • Prepaid Package - Last Visit add Filter per-Outlet

  • Remove Product Non-Inventory from Menu Unfulfilled Product

  • add step duration in fulfillment - all - export

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Export Product with Outlet Price with xlsx format not showing special character

  • Fix Courier Name is not showing in Outbound Logistic Printing

  • Fix Sales Order Info showing UOM ID instead of UOM Name

  • Fix Daily Report blank when preview report in Table view & using filter category

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