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WebApp Version 12.3.2 Changelog


Give detailed information in all export file name

To make things convenient, we improve our export file name to show the Outlet Name and Date for the report you want to export, so you will not get confused for which outlet/date that you exported you can just find it out from the file name.

Minor Improvements:

  • Add New Column for Serial in Export Report Detail with Complete Detail

  • Add Sort Number Option in Shift Detail

  • Park & Retrieve Add Number of Person Configuration

  • Enable to edit note in Fulfillment - Pack

  • Report - Person Quantity & Basket Size column excluding sales product with 100% discount

  • Apply role Delete Item Restriction to Clear button in Sell menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Sell & Outbound Logistics qty changed to 0 when change fulfillment outlet

  • Fix Prepaid Package Price/Point Calculation is incorrect

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