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WebApp Version 12.3.5 Changelog


New Display UI for Sell

After many years, finally we are updating our Sell display for a fresher and simpler looks. We are reducing numerous rarely used button and make everything easy to look for your eyes and making it less confusing.

System Improvements:

  • [Adjustment - Export] add 'status' column to the export result

  • [Report - Detail] Export CSV shows 24-Hour Time

  • [Debt - AR Detail] Change to All Currency Filter Option (Default)

  • [Outlet - Form] Clearer new Outlet Warning

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Inventory - Valuation] Error when open with user only assign 1 outlet

  • Fix [Product - Export with Serial and Row] not showing serial number in the product

  • Fix [Orders - Estimate] Created Time Show Wrong Time

  • Fix [Bug Fixing] [Report - Person] Failed to calculate Tax (Always zero)

  • Fix [Adjustment - Archive] Cost is Not Displayed on Cart

  • Fix [Payment - Daily] Payment Date on the Export File isn't Sequential

  • Fix [Orders - Import Payment] Import Payment Success Toaster

  • Fix [Mobile Web View - Report Person] Doesn’t show the First Sales Person

  • Fix PPn Include causing the payment to add the PPn

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