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WebApp Version 12.30.0 Changelog


Add Minimum Spending for Promotion Event - Discount

Just like most market the promotion discount can be given based on your minimum spending, for example when you are spending 1,000,000, you can get a 10% Discount for the transaction. In this Version we can handle this scenario, so it will make your job simpler when you want to apply this kind of promotion.

Minor Improvements:

  • [Adjustment Archive - Update Inventory] Handling Adjustment product serialized

  • Sell - Number Role Apply to Global Menu (Sell, Buy, and Transfer Order)

  • [Report - Customer] Add New Column for First Purchase, Orders and Amount in Report - Last Purchase in Report - Customer - More

  • [Estimate] Add Filter by status

  • [Report - Outlet Performance] Add New Column for Daily Target Achievement Percentage

  • [Report - Sales Person] Add a New Column for Average Daily Sales

  • [Report - Purchases] Date Filter Column in Purchases Reports Detail

  • [Improvement] [Prepaid Package] Remove max 1 digit rounding in Prepaid Type menu

  • [Improvement] [Sell, Adjustment] Show Variant Code When Adding Item to Cart via F4 Button

Bug Fix:

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