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WebApp Version 12.33.1 Changelog


New Interface for Product Import

We are aware that our Product Import is not giving the information needed when the csv that you want to upload has some issue, such like which row has an issue, how to fix the issue, etc. That's why we are developing a new Product Import interface to make your work easier so hopefully you can input your product by yourself.

Minor Improvements:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Payment with ECR BCA] Payment note undefined

  • Fix [Estimate] Convert Estimate to Sales Order Will Make a Customer Invoice

  • Fix [Promotion Tier] Page blank when edit from another promotion to promotion tier

  • Fix [Buy - Variants] Taxable feature doesn't work in Buy Menu

  • Fix [Logistics] Print receipt when transfer order did not match with realated template

  • [Orders - Mobile View] Fix Void Parked Orders Button is Missing

  • [Sell - 8cm Invoice] Fix Bad Display When Tax Exempt Footer ConfigEnabled

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