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WebApp Version 12.35.2 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • [Sell - V3] Limit access in Sell Menu - user doesn't have Role sell

  • [Report - Product Tags] Add new column Sold Till Now

  • [Printing - Signature] Split Signature Property Debt Signature vs Invoice Signature

  • [User - Group] can be associated to a Brand to Restrict Inventory and Sales Report Data

  • [Report - Product Sold] Brand Filter should be a Drop Down

  • [User - Form] User Form - User Group Access block select more than 1

  • [Debt - Detail] Sort by Due Date Ascending

  • [Sell - Edit] Edit Order - Change error message when register is suspended

  • [Sell] Show Pricebook Apply Indicator

  • [Reports - Price] Do Not Display Interval for Zero Product of Amount

  • [Orders - Customer Invoice Info] Show Price Type Name

  • [Report - Tax Report By Outlet] Add Menu Label Name

  • [Sell - V3] Choose Outlet - Required block the dismiss when click everywhere

  • [Product - Variant] Discontinue Last Variant in Product Will Discontinue Product

  • [Adjustment] Add Additional Notes If Adjustment was Created from Editing Inventory in Product Menu

  • [Import Item to Cart Modal] Show Upload Progress & Attached File Name

  • [Report - Product Tags Analysis] Shorten header label and split column qty vs percentage

  • [Report - Product Tags Analysis] Filter Page Size maximal 1000

Bug Fixes:

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