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WebApp Version 12.4.6 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • Add limit for rows and filesize when upload product using csv (10,000 rows + 1mb)

  • Add New Config to set default Days + Month Expiration for Prepaid Points & Prepaid Package Product Type

  • Disable funtion to import xlsx extension (because too many unknown property can be uploaded and causing the system to crash)

  • Sell - Config for hide product image in cart

  • [Reports - Product Profit] Sort button for Percentage profit in the Product Profit Reports

  • [Orders - Export] Add Column Customer “Code”

  • [Outbound Logistic - Serial] Several Improvement for Sending Serial Product from Outbound Logistic

  • [Promotion Event - Edit Form] Optimize Editing Promotion Event so it's not causing timeout

  • [Sell V3] Product Sequence Does not Match if Changed Manually

  • [Product - Variant] Add New Card for Prepaid Info

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Report - Monthly] Cost is different from other report (Detail & Category)

  • Fix [Orders - Supplier Bill] Restrict Unregistered SKU When Importing Bill with CSV

  • Fix [Reports - Detail] Invoice Profit is Difference With Total Profit

  • Fix [Report - Detail] Fulfillment Filter not Working when Export

  • Fix [Estimate] Non Taxable Product Still Counted for Tax After Submitting Estimate

  • [Contacts] Customer Point didn’t Adjusted back after Deleting/Edit Customer Invoices that contains prepaid points product

  • Fix [Buy - Upload CSV] API Error Importing

  • Fix [Inventory] To zero - Export API Error (Export last in stock with outler)

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