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WebApp Version 12.4.8 Changelog


Add New Export Detail in Shift - Previous Shift

We are adding new export in Previous shift for detailed information in the shift, so you can export the data inside the shift without opening the shift one by one and it can be done multiple shift number.

Add New page for Promotion Event Info

For the user who wants to see the information inside the promotion, such as Outlet applied, Purchase Requirements and Promotion Rewards for the promotion without editing and deleting it, we create this page to view the promotion.

Minor Improvements:

  • [Orders - Supplier Bill] Add 8cm template as packing slip

  • Relayout + Join Discounted Report and Discounted Sales in to 1

  • [Report - Detail - Export Complete Detail] Add created time invoices when Export

  • Refactor Category Report Calculation

  • [Sell - Serial] Scan serial support partial serial number

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Product] Export Product with Column Inventory

  • Fix [Product - Import] Duplicate Product Created when importing product without variant code

  • Fix Low on Stock Create Purchase Order is not adding the inventory

  • Fix [Reports - Sales by Products] Product photo crash when using filter variants

  • Fix [Orders] Print Invoice with Outbound Logistic Didn’t Display PO Number

  • Fix [Report - Detail] Export Report Detail with Complete Detail CSV displaying incorrect row when there’s new line on Item notes

  • Fix [Users - Export] Export page user error

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