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WebApp Version 12.4.9 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • Implement role Cost in Inbound Report Detail

  • [Logistics - Transfer Order] Change Qty with Enter Button

  • Change behaviour for Product Image Visible by default showing the image

  • Show Total Price in List Page Of Transfer Order

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Sell with promotion coupon - Discount still active although not exceed minimum spending

  • Fix [Buy] Supplier bill with approval will make the fulfillment status received but the stock is not increased

  • Fix [Buy - Edit] Editing Supplier Bill to add more items causing API Error

  • Fix [Sell - Sellv3] Image thumbnail is not showing in shopping cart for starter account

  • Fix [Product - Import] Duplicate Product Created when importing product without variant code

  • Fix Import Supplier Bill need to have Sell - Create role

  • Fix [Report - Detail] Export Report Detail with Complete Detail CSV displaying incorrect row when there’s new line on Item notes (Fix Shift + Enter issue)

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