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WebApp Version 12.5.2 Changelog


Add New Column for Expiry Date for Batch Number Product Type

There are so many request that asked to add Expiry date in our system, now we finally can introduce this new feature. So right now you can check when will the product expire and prevent it to sell the product to your customer.

Minor Improvements:

  • [Contact Info-delete] Add Pop Up Dialog Yes/No

  • [Contact - Add New Customer] Set Customer Group when config default values Contact Group assigned

  • [Report - Person] Sales group not showing when doing export, must be filtered with selected group

  • [Report Detail - Export With Complete Detail] Return Invoice Number not exported

  • [Report-Discount] Add Original Price Column

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Buy - Supplier Bill not increasing the inventory

  • Fix [Dashboard] Sales data in chart is not showing correctly

  • Fix [Report - Product Life Cycle] Last Sold Sort Button

  • Fix [Report - Category] Filter Brand doesn’t work

  • Fix Miscalculated Total After Discount Item in Export Report Detail

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