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WebApp Version 12.5.4 Changelog


New Role Access for Sensitive Field in Contact Menu

When you don't want to give access to sensitive data, you can set which data is sensitive and then apply this role to the user that you want to restrict the access. So, your customer data is more secure and the risk of the data being misused is lower.

New Page for Fulfillment Schedule

To make things easier for the fulfillment that is scheduled, we create this page so the schedule can be checked faster when you want to see when will the order needs to be fulfilled. So, you can just check from this page and then prepare to deliver the products.

Minor Improvements:

  • [Sell] Show Pricebook in Sell Menu

  • [Reports - Summary] Display Gross Sales in report summary & its export [with Payment Method]

  • [New Customer - Input Existing Code] Prevent creating customer if customer code is already exist

  • Product From - Code Unique Detection

  • [Orders - Delivery] Remove Page Orders - Delivery - To Receive

  • [Report - Outlet] Add “Basket Size” column in Outlet Report

  • [Prepaid Package] Add Search button in Prepaid Type menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Buy - Note] Close Button isn't Worked

  • Fix [Orders] Show Order by Fulfillment Date

  • Fix [BUY-COGS Average] COGS Average calculation didn’t calculate stocks from all outlets

  • Fix [Buy] Product master code uploaded to the variant when making purchase order

  • Fix [Report - Sales] Quantity is not changing when filter by Outlet + Sales Group

  • Fix [Sell - Edit] Editing partial payment invoice causing the payment to be paid

  • Fix [Orders] Able to Make Duplicate Supplier Bill Number if the Purchase Order Number Config is Enabled

  • Fix [Contact - Edit] Existing birthday is empty in edit state

  • Fix [Adjustment - Serial] Blocking if dont choose serial

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