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WebApp Version 12.5.6 Changelog


Add New Report for Sales Person - View Outlet

In this version we add this new report to view the Sales Person Performance that is grouped by Outlet so you can see the top performed sales for each outlet without the hassle to change the filter for the report and confused by the result too.

Minor Improvements:

  • [Recycle Bin - Voided Invoice] Add last modified date & Sort

  • [Reports - Products] Add Filter for Product Tags - Export product description

  • [Promotion Coupon - List Filter] Filter Promotion Coupon - Balance From-To

  • [My Subscription - Invoices] Disable View Button for Drafted or Voided Invoice

  • [Products - Category] Add Discontinue Config on Category Form

  • [Products - Products List] Add Filter for Discontinued Category

  • [Reports - Products] Add Filter for Product Tags

  • [Users - Roles] Restrict Print Payment & Send Payment via Email with Orders Print Role

  • [Contacts] Standardize the Character Count for ? Symbol in Sensitive Fields to 10 Characters

  • [Logistics] - Separator tab column when export transfer detail between product name and variant

  • [Setup - Logistics] [Backend] Add Overselling Configuration for Transfer Order

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Reports - Monthly] Filter Category doesn't Work

  • Fix [Product] When Updating Product by csv, if the Released, Product ID, and ID column is removed, the product released date will be set to 01 Jan 0001

  • Fix [Report - Monthly] Difference profit in the monthly report display

  • Fix [Sell - Config] Visible UOM not work on Sell Menu

  • Fix [Products - Add Product Form] Category Selector isn't Display All of the Categories

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