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WebApp Version 12.6.0 Changelog


New Display for Buy Form

Just like in Sell menu, we will always try to improve our display form so it will be easier and simpler to use. Now we are introducing new display for Buy from that hopefully can make things easier for our customer that use this feature or for our future customer that want to use this menu. If you have any feedback about this new display, it will be greatly appreciated so we can improve more for the new display.

Minor Improvements:

  • Add New Config to set decimal fraction in Report Menu

  • [SELL - Quick key] [Frontend] Add new config, quick key max row

  • [Logistic - Transfer Order] Add New Button for Show Requested & Show OnHand Inventory in Transfer Order Info

  • add until Expired Date in contact info when Contact Expiry Date is filled

  • [Reports - Person - Outlet] Compare Basket Size Based on Specific Period

  • Expand Promotion Coupon Key length to 50 characters

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Orders] Add Write-Off Showing Error Notification, but the Write-off is created in the Payment Write-off

  • Fix [Logistics - Cart] Can’t Scroll Item List on Mobile (Google Chrome)

  • Fix [BUY Ignore Zero] Config not working

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