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WebApp Version 12.6.4 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • [Promotion - Coupon] Add New Info for Creator User, Modifier User and Modified Date

  • [Products - Import Product] Remove Download Serial Sample

  • Purchase Order Item Serial - Handle Fulfillment Later when input expiry date

  • [Product] Do not display Release Date if the product doesn’t have a release date

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Logistics] Error When Clicking Product’s name in the Transfer Order Report by Product

  • Fix [Sell- V3] Loyalty Point cannot be used if the customer has no customer group

  • Fix - Resolved issue in Logistics where all items from the transfer order report were not visible on the Web View

  • Fix [Orders] Customer Invoice and Supplier Bill with Bulk Payment still can be Void

  • Fix [Debt] Payment Discount Illustration column is not straight

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