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WebApp Version 12.8.0 Changelog


Add New Modal for Report Detail - Footer Aggregate

Because most of the Report Detail is use to view the total for the transaction that is created for the date ranged that usually has a lot of transaction and take a long time to load so we create this modal dialog for you to view the total without having loading the data for too long

Add New Info for History in Serial Info

To View the serial transaction that are happened in your account easier, we add new history transaction in the Serial Info, so you can view the transaction without hassle of searching where did this serial is sold, bought, adjusted or transferred.

Minor Improvements:

  • Support upload pdf file in Payment Orders - Invoice

  • New Upload csv display in Sell, Buy, Transfer Order and Adjustment

  • [Orders - Export to JSON] Limit Transaction export to 1,000 transactions

  • [Buy V2] New Product Search Behaviour automatically Select the First Search Result

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Adjustment - Archive] - Cost Doesn't Display if Use Scanner

  • Fix [Estimate] Convert Estimate to Customer Invoices cannot validate the Customer Debt Limit

  • Fix [Report - Outlet Performance Detail] Sort Basket Size not works

  • Fix Wrong calculate sales and tax if exclude complementary.

  • Fix [Buy V2] Default Tax Configuration for Outlet is Not Working on Buy V2

  • Fix [Buy - F4] Cant add item with F4 in Buy V2

  • Fix [Buy V2] Cannot Create Purchase Order In the Low Inventory Menu

  • Fix [Printing - Customer Invoice] Configuration ‘Invoice QR’ doesn’t work After Sell

  • Fix Logistics where all items from the transfer order report were not visible on the Web View

  • Fix [Fulfillment - unfulfilled product] filter Tree category selector

  • Fix [Sell] Require OrdRpr Roles for print after Sell with A4 format

  • Fix Export Product With Serial or Serial and row will record 2 serial numbers if we make a transfer order

  • Fix Products that have been uploaded to the cart disappear when uploading a new product

  • Fix [BUY Edit] Unit Qty and Discount ITEM not show when edit supplier bill

  • Fix [Buy - V2] Serial is duplicated in printing when input more than 1 item

  • Fix buy/v2 edit invoice with payment 0 automatically set payment to later

  • Fix [Sell] Add New Customer from Sell Didn’t Generate the Customer Code Automatically

  • Fix [Outlet] Default Warehouse Not Working Properly

  • Fix [SellV3 - Print Template] Receipt template doesnt use default outlet settings on the sales tag

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