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WebApp Version 12.9.0 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • Cloudinary Upload Widget Source add URL & Google Drive Upload Option

  • Change all filter to Modal Dialog (Major improvement for filter display in Mobile View)

  • Discontinue Parent Category Make All Child Categories Discontinued

  • [Reports - Sales Person by Outlet] Orders Hyperlink to Sales Report Detail (With Filter) & Redesign Some Columns

  • Improvement when edit promotion event, optimization when editing promotion event + new display to separate the promotion item that has been edited (Added, Edited and Deleted)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Upload csv from Sell need adjustment - create roles

  • Fix Export CSV with Pagination will Display the Same CSV File from the First Page

  • Fix Role Transfer Order Request Editor is not working

  • Fix Serial Number is not recorded when using Park in Sell V3

  • Fix Reprint invoice amount with decimal not rounding

  • Fix [BUY Edit] wrong choice of tax

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