WebApp Version 10.0.1 Changelog

WEB 2 months ago

New Feature

  • Add new config to hide weight in Invoice Printing
  • Add new config to set default due days in Sell
  • Add new column for Invoice Note in Export Report Detail with Complete Detail
  • Add index and Sort in Sales Order Type
  • Add tooltip in Printing Config
  • Add new filter in Inventory at Date Options for All and Hide Zero

Bug Fixes 

  • Fix eye icon in login page
  • Fix Report - Outlet Performance show profit when Profit role is not enabled
  • Fix due month in customer not working
  • Fix can’t upload image in several pages
  • Fix filter exclusive outlet in contact not working
  • Fix Inventory by Category button last error if filtered by outlet
  • Set Pricebook in sell use UnitPriceEditor role
  • Fix Outlet not showing in Report - Outlet Performance
  • Fix Export contact after search if only show 1 contact the export is blank
  • Fix Inventory at Date not showing product that has transaction
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