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Marketplace Version 1.2.9 Changelog

MARKETPLACE 6 days ago

New Feature:

  • Add Filter by difference in inventory and price menu
  • Add search by SKU in inventory and price menu
  • Show duplicate SKU in channel info cache to clear

Bug fix:

  • Renew UI in Channel menu
  • Fix Price not downloaded to POS if product in channel si no varriant

WebApp Version 10.0.6 Changelog

WEB 1 week ago

New Features

  • New page for Maintenance Log to delete Webhook Logs & User Login History
  • Add New Column for Number in Webhook log detail
  • Change property name from ordered/unsent to allocated

Bug Fixes

  • Fix eye icon in Promotion Coupon Modal in Sell
  • Fix Delivery Date Editor Role not working
  • Fix Export Report Summary not showing correct data when filtered by Register
  • Show error in Accounting when Note Required config is enabled
  • Fix unclear role void invoice in Orders
  • Fix export product with min&max inventory timeout
  • Several fixes for Webhook functionality

Marketplace Version 1.2.8 Changelog

MARKETPLACE 1 week ago

New Feature:

  • New page for add channel

Bug Fix: 

  • Fix add channel route link
  • Fix UI channel list
  • Add background color if channel setting is not complete

Marketplace Version 1.2.7 Changelog

MARKETPLACE 1 week ago

New Feature

  • Add filter date range in failed orders log
  • Notification Menu for notice from successfull or failed download orders 

Bug Fix

  • Fix request webhook from POS
  • Fix payment state still dependant to config

WebApp Version 10.0.5 Changelog

WEB 1 week ago

Bug Fixes 

  • Fix minor issue Webhook to Marketplace
  • Fix printing config for member identification number
  • Fix Export Inventory At Date now showing all data
  • Fix customer contact form from customer display need to input photo
  • Fix export payment received detail with type column if note has enter
  • Fix variant info show wrong purchase value if the transaction have a discount
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