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Marketplace Version 1.2.4 Changelog

MARKETPLACE 2 weeks ago

New Feature: 

  • Inventory in Marketplace is now using available inventory
  • Show Product without SKU at Not in POS menu

Bug Fix:

  • fix browser caching

Marketplace Version 1.2.3 Changelog

MARKETPLACE 3 weeks ago

New Feature

  • Update Inventory and Price for Multichannel
  • Can select product instead of variant one by one in Inventory and Price Menu

Bug Fix:

  • Fix some broken UI
  • Fix SKU is not sort properly when upload to marketplace
  • Fix adjustment in POS not changing the inventory in marketplace

Android Version 7.3.6 Changelog

ANDROID 3 weeks ago
  • Fix can’t submit order in sell

Jurnal Version 1.0.8 Changelog

JURNAL 3 weeks ago
  • Add filter status code in Invoice Logs menu
  • Rename Menu Chart of Account to Outlets
  • Handle capitalize input URL domain

Android Version 7.3.5 Changelog

ANDROID 3 weeks ago
  • Set Pricebook in Sell use UnitPriceEditor Role
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